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go_open Season 1

Published 2004

The South African Go Open Source campaign ( created the first television show dedicated to promoting open source software. The 13 episode Go_Open aird on a popular free-to-air channel from the end of 2004 till early 2005. The programme showcases local success stories, interviews with the top local and international pioneers, and the (then) latest products and news from the open source world.

It includes interviews with major open-source figures such as Richard Stallman, Lawrence Lessig, Jon maddog Hall, and Bruce Perens, as well as case studies and discussions of both Shuttleworth's (Ubuntu Linux) and other South African and global projects that have successfully used open-source element

Run time 13x24 minutes
Production Company Modern Times Productions
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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Uploaded by
Bradley Whittington
on 11/3/2005